Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.


There’s more to running a dealership
than just buying and selling vehicles.

The automotive industry is a vital part of our economy. Dealerships face unique challenges that require them to maintain tight, accurate financial controls in order to keep their operations going.

The BFMM Automotive Group assists dealerships in meeting those challenges by being a trusted advisor who understands the industry. Our team is strongly involved with each dealership client.  With decades of experience and our pro-active approach the BFMM Automotive Group helps drive profitability.

Our Automotive Group is led by Audit Partner, Jean Saylor. Jean is a valued and respected source for all of her clients. They trust and rely on her as valued business partner.

Are you driving in the right lane? BFMM will steer you in the direction for success.

Jean Saylor

BFMM Automobile Group Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Analysis of gross profit by department
  • Review of loan covenants for compliance
  • Review of floor planning for maximum utilization
  • Testing for “out of trust”
  • Tax planning and strategies
  • Benchmarking

Our Automobile Team: