Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.


In the not-for-profit world,
no margin means no mission.

A not-for-profit must be operated with the highest degree of fiscal competence and discipline while staying true to their mission.  The BFMM not-for-profit team assists in managing both aspects of a not-for-profit.  Never losing sight of the mission, our team provides the technical expertise that is needed to achieve a non-profits’ goals.

 Within this industry we work with health care providers, private schools, social service organizations, employee benefit plans, member-owned clubs, and social justice or cause organizations along with numerous others. With our extensive knowledge and our team’s commitment to the industry, we are the perfect fit for many not-for-profits.

Our Not-for-Profit Group is led by founding Partner, Ned McCrory, while strongly supported by Managers, Leif Anderson and Brooke Rossi. They have all worked within this industry throughout their careers and are often invited speakers at a number of local, regional, and national trade association conferences.

The passion we have for servicing not-for-profits comes through loud and clear on all of our engagements.

Ned McCrory

BFMM Not-For-Profit Group Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Budget modeling
  • Assistance in implementing systems that accurately capture grant expenses that are not unnecessarily burdensome to program staff
  • Analyze accounting policies and processes with suggested “best practices” based upon our extensive knowledge and experience working with not-for-profits
  • Form 990 Compliance
  • Working as a liaison to commercial lenders
  • A-133 Audit Compliance

Our Not-For-Profit Team: