Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.


No one deserves better service
than a professional services firm.

As a professional service firm we understand first hand a business owner’s challenges and corresponding opportunities. We live and breathe the professional service industry day in and day out. For us to flourish we have to think and perform effectively and efficiently. We do the same for our clients.

Financial stability, innovation, and flexibility are the key components to being successful in this fast growing economic sector. The BFMM team assists clients in meeting these goals. Our Professional Services clients include law firms, medical and dental practices, payroll companies, advertising agencies, engineering and architectural firms.

Our Professional Service Group is comprised of the entire BFMM team. Everyone from the Audit to Tax department plays a role in contributing to the financial success of the business owners in the industry so they can focus on serving their clients.

We are no-nonsense people with an eye toward results – just like the companies we serve

Ned McCrory

BFMM Professional Services Group Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Cash versus accrual method for tax purposes
  • Key Executive Compensation planning
  • Pension plan structural strategies
  • Tax planning and Consulting
  • Audits, reviews, compilations
  • Mergers, acquisitions and sales

Our Professional Services Team: