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BFMM Introduces Casual Fridays for a Cause

Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael and Co. has always made it a priority to support our local community in numerous ways. Accounting is our business, but the relationships that we form with our clients and community are what are most important to us. With that in mind we are happy to introduce Casual Fridays for a Cause! 
Over the years, BFMM has participated in numerous fundraisers and events to help support local nonprofits and charitable organizations. This new effort will focus on organizations near and dear to the hearts of our employees. Each Friday, employees have the opportunity to make a donation to a "Casual Friday" fund. In return, that employee gets to wear jeans! Please excuse our casual appearance, if any of you happen to stop by our office on a Friday.
Each quarter, a charitable organization or nonprofit in our community is chosen from the list of employee nominated organizations.  For our first quarter, our firm is raising awareness and funds for the Providence Hebrew Day School.
Providence Hebrew Day School has serviced the educational needs of the Providence community for over 50 years. They provide a warm, child-centered environment and are committed to educating the whole child according to his/her individual learning style, allowing each student to reach his/her maximum potential. A PHDS education includes excellence in General Studies, providing the student with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the modern world, along with a strong Judaic Studies curriculum that focuses on imbuing the student with a knowledge and love of Torah, Mitzvos and Eretz Yisrael. One of the principles of the school is to provide a Jewish Education to any family or child regardless of financial ability. The school must allocate over 50% of gross tuition to provide aid for needy students and families. The BFMM Casual Friday Fund will be a direct donation to their Scholarship Program in order to assist these students and families in need.
BFMM will continue to support charitable organizations in our communities, and we are excited about the opportunity to share with you the ones that mean the most to us.


Date: September 23, 2013