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Ned McCrory, Managing Partner, Honored with the RISCPA President’s Award

Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael and Co is proud to announce that on Wednesday, April 24th the Rhode Island Society of CPA’s presented Managing Partner, Ned McCrory, with the President’s Award at their annual dinner. The President’s Award recognizes one’s loyalty and commitment as a member as well as their efforts to making a difference in society. The candidate is personally selected by the RISCPA President.

Ned was honored this year with the award for his team leadership skills, active involvement, and outstanding role as a member. Executive Director, Robert Mancini, explained that “Ned has been a huge benefit to the society in numerous ways.” One of those ways would be his 20 year involvement with their annual summer golf tournament. As long-time chairman of the RISCPA’s Social Committee and an avid golfer, Ned truly enjoys taking part in this event. Even more so he is thrilled that a local charity benefits from the proceeds. Local organizations such as the Providence Journal Summertime Fund, Gateway Health, Sojourner House, Save the Bay, Hope Alzheimer’s House, Caritas House and Special Olympics of RI have all been beneficiaries of the tournament.

Recently the committee decided to take half of the money raised at the annual tournament and start an endowment. The intention was to ensure charitable contributions for years to come. A Philanthropy Fund was established with the partnership of the Rhode Island Foundation. Now the Society’s ability to make significant charitable contributions will continue through the future. Ned’s involvement played a key role in the Society’s success. The BFMM & Co. team could not be more proud. Ned’s commitment to the Society is not only inspiring but also embodies our firm’s culture to give back to the community.

Date: May 30, 2013