Batchelor, Frechette, McCrory, Michael & Co.


Consulting is more than
just making recommendations.

We thrive on doing more to help clients anticipate issues and solve any short or long-term problems. Our team approach and belief in collaborating with our clients allows us to pinpoint causes of problems and then deliver concise, actionable solutions.

Our Consulting Expertise Includes:

Annual Business Planning

Annual business planning is key to helping guide a company to success. Our business planning consultants are experienced in facilitating the processes across a wide range of industries. They bring diverse management and functional backgrounds plus a proven track record to every planning process.

Financial Management Consulting

Competition in practically every industry and marketplace is fierce. Companies need to move further faster. But while moving fast, a company must be moving smartly. They must make intelligent financial decisions. Growth should never out pace resources. Cash flow must be managed wisely. We help companies see the future and make informed business decisions. And we make sure the solutions fit with a company’s strategy and culture.

Financial Projections and Modeling

Our financial projections and modeling help our clients predict and evaluate the outcomes of everything from an annual budget to a very specific transaction. This close scrutiny allows for better decision making while addressing capital requirements.

Financing Assistance

An organization can’t grow without an adequate business financing plan. Poorly structured debt or inappropriate financing sources can result in excessive costs and ultimately restrict growth. We perform a financial needs assessment and help clients create a financial package and identify financing sources. We even help present the package to potential funding sources and assist in the negotiations.